Your RTT condition checkup

Based on your situation, you are not yet required to complete an RTT pathway.
HOWEVER, you will be required to take action once you start teaching.

Why am I doing this?

Teachers with an RTT condition have declared that they have not met Recency of Practice (teaching for 100 days) in a previous five-year renewal period.

The RTT condition ensures that teachers who have had a significant absence from teaching (or have had irregular contact with schools) have their knowledge and skills brought up to date.
This helps maintain the integrity of the profession and helps you feel more confident as you return.

What action will I need to take?

How do I complete it?

1. Logon to your myQCT account

Your username is your registration number. Click on Reset Password if you have forgotten.

2. Go to RTT section

3. Complete relevant elements

Complete the elemements as outlined above

4. Log activities and submit

By when?

You have 12 months from your first day of teaching since your RTT condition was applied to complete your RTT pathway. This includes if you are doing relief teaching. Which means you can be completing your pathway as you go, after you have start-ed teaching. Just make sure it’s done in the first year!

But what if I’m late?

Then please complete the RTT pathway immediately and let us know when you have completed it.

You run the risk of your registration not being renewed if you continually ignore your registration condition require-ments.