Your RTT condition checkup

Based on your situation, you must complete the Returning to Teaching (RTT) program mandatory elements.

Why am I doing this?

Teachers with an RTT condition have declared they have not met recency of practice (teaching for 100 days) in a previous five-year renewal period. An RTT condition does not imply a reduction in status or credentials as a registered teacher.

The RTT condition simply ensures that teachers who have had a significant absence from teaching (or have had irregular contact with schools) have their knowledge and skills brought up to date.

This helps maintain the integrity of the profession and helps teachers feel more confident as they return.

What are the mandatory elements?

Mandatory elements
  • QCT Professional boundaries / Code of Ethics / Employer code of conduct
  • Key Legislation – Child Protection Act 1999; Work Health & Safety Act 2011
  • Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Plus (if you are an early childhood teacher):
  • Education & Care Services National Law

How do I complete them?

1. Log in to your myQCT account

Your username is your registration number.
Click on Forgot Login Details if you have forgotten your password.

Log in to myQCT

2. Go to the RTT section

Click on RTT

3. Complete activities as specified above

Complete RTT activities

4. Log activities and review condition

Record activities and review condition

What else do I need to know?

Completing the mandatory element will satisfy the requirement of the condition if you are teaching 1-19 days per calendar year. It will not remove your RTT condition. You have the option to voluntarily complete the full RTT program in order to have your RTT condition removed.

If you teach 20 days or more in a calendar year, completing the full RTT program becomes compulsory.

You have 12 months from your first day of teaching after your RTT condition was applied to complete the mandatory elements. (This includes relief or contract teaching.)

But what if I’m late?

Complete the mandatory elements immediately and notify us when you have completed it.

You run the risk of your registration not being renewed if you are not complying with your registration condition.

Record activities and submit

General RTT information video

The below video provides general information about the RTT condition