Fees as at 24 May 2024

Application fees
A person with a current Queensland Blue Card and no criminal history All other persons
An application for registration from a recent Queensland graduate $167.85 $183.80
An application for registration from all other persons $289.22 $305.17
An application for permission to teach $289.22 $305.17
An application for registration under mutual recognition $289.22 $305.17
A further criminal history screening (you will be notified during processing if this is required) + $27.50 + $27.50


Fees for maintaining registration
Annual fee $100.70
For teachers with full registration, every five years your annual fee needs to accompany a renewal application. If you do not apply and pay by the due date, there will be an additional restoration fee + $94.92
For all other annual fees due, non-payment by the due date will result in a late fee + $34.29


Fees to apply for
Certification of Highly Accomplished Teachers and Lead Teachers
Stage 1 assessment $850.00
If successful at Stage 1 there is a fee for Stage 2 assessment $650.00
Fee for renewal every five years $100.00
Other fees
Replacement certificate $42.88
Letter of professional standing $42.88

Current fees commenced on 1 October 2023 which increased with the Queensland Government indexation rate of 3.4% for the 2023/24 financial year.


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