Recency of practice for renewal

What is it?

Recency of practice means that a fully registered teacher has taught* for at least 100 days in Australia within their five-year registration period.

Why is recency considered?

Considering recency of practice allows the QCT to ensure that fully registered teachers maintain a contemporary and high standard of teaching across Queensland.

What to expect

The renewal application will ask teachers about recency of practice through the following question:

Have you taught in a recognised school in Australia for at least 100 days in the past five years?

*What experience counts towards recency of practice?

  • Teaching in a recognised school (including relief teaching)
  • Teaching the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline (QKLG) within the kindergarten year
  • Working as a non-teaching Principal/Deputy/HOD/HOC
  • Working as an advisory teacher (time spent in school only)

Other teaching roles may be considered on an individual basis.


You can still renew if you need to answer "No" to this question.

A Returning to Teaching condition will be applied.

When recency of practice is not met

If a teacher does not meet recency of practice, a Returning to Teaching (RTT) condition is applied to their registration at renewal. This does not imply a reduction in status or credentials as a registered teacher and the condition is not displayed on the Queensland Register of Teachers.

If teachers with this condition return to teaching they need to complete a 20 hour RTT professional development program within 12 months of their return.

Teachers with an existing RTT condition will complete an RTT section in their renewal application. This may affect whether the condition is continued into the new registration period.

For further information about the RTT condition, please see Returning to Teaching.

Fully registered teachers looking for more details can read the Renewal guide.

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