Professional Capacity and Teacher Conduct Committee

The Professional Capacity and Teacher Conduct Committee (the PC&TCC) conducts proceedings for minor practice and conduct matters by oral hearing or correspondence. Teachers may request that the proceedings are conducted by an oral hearing. Hearings are closed to the public.

If the PC&TCC reasonably believes that a teacher has an impairment, and that the impairment may have caused or contributed to the behaviour that is the basis for the proceedings, then, if the teacher consents, the PC&TCC may require the teacher to undergo a health assessment.

The assessment will be conducted by a member of the registered health practitioner panel, who will provide a report to the PC&TCC. 

The PC&TCC cannot conduct proceedings until it receives the health assessment report.  The PC&TCC will include a member from the registered health practitioner panel, but not the registered health practitioner who conducted the assessment.  When determining the matter, the PC&TCC must consider the health assessment report and any recommendations in the report. 

If the teacher refuses to undergo a health assessment, then the PC&TCC cannot impose conditions on the teacher’s registration or permission to teach that the PC&TCC might consider appropriate because of the impairment.

For all practice and conduct matters, including impairment matters, the PC&TCC must observe natural justice and act as quickly and with as little formality and technicality as possible consistent with a fair and proper consideration of the matter.

Where a ground for disciplinary action is established, the PC&TCC may

  • take no further action against the teacher
  • refer the matter to QCAT
  • issue a warning or reprimand to the teacher
  • impose conditions on, or amend or remove conditions imposed by the PC&TCC on, the teacher’s registration or permission to teach
  • order that a notation or endorsement about the teacher be entered in the register
  • accept an undertaking from the teacher.

The PC&TCC informs the teacher as soon as possible of the outcome and reasons.

If the matter was from a complaint, the PC&TCC also notifies the complainant of the outcome.

A teacher may apply for a review of a PC&TCC decision, unless it is a decision to take no further action or to refer the matter to QCAT, by using the Application for internal review form (PDF, 72KB).  That review will be conducted by the Internal Review Committee. The decision can then be further reviewed by QCAT.

Find out more about reviews.

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