Cancellation of registration and Permission to Teach

Cancellation - serious offence conviction

The QCT must cancel a teacher’s registration or Permission to Teach where

  • the person is convicted of a serious offence
  • the person becomes a relevant excluded person.

A relevant excluded person means a person who is subject to

  • offender reporting obligations
  • an offender prohibition order
  • a disqualification order made under the Child Protection (Offender Reporting and Offender Prohibition Order) Act 2004, section 13T
  • a sexual offender order.

A teacher cannot appeal a decision to cancel their registration or Permission to Teach where registration is cancelled for a serious offence conviction.

If a teacher’s registration has been cancelled the QCT can never grant registration or Permission to Teach again, unless

  • the conviction for the serious offence is overturned on appeal
  • the decision or order resulting in the teacher becoming a relevant excluded person is overturned on appeal and was not made in relation to a conviction for a serious offence
  • the teacher applies for and is granted an Eligibility Declaration.

The QCT must immediately notify the teacher of the cancellation as well as the employing authority for, and the principal of, each school at which the teacher is employed.

Cancellation - Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

If the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) finds there is a ground for disciplinary action following a hearing, they may decide to cancel the teacher’s registration or Permission to Teach.

This decision takes effect on the day the notice is given, or as stated in the notice.

The QCT must implement QCAT’s decision.

The teacher or the QCT may appeal to QCAT.

If the teacher’s registration or permission to teach is cancelled by QCAT on disciplinary grounds some details about the cancellation are available on the public Queensland Register of Teachers. These details are

  • the teacher’s name
  • their teacher registration number
  • the prohibition period for reapplying if any
  • the reason for cancelling the registration and/or a brief descriptor.


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