What is renewal?

What is it?

Renewal is a five-yearly process that applies to teachers with full registration. It involves teachers completing an online form, which provides important information for the QCT to make a decision about renewing their registration.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of five-yearly renewal is to ensure that fully registered teachers maintain a high standard of professional practice and conduct.

It allows the QCT to confirm if teachers have been meeting their professional development requirements, if they have been active in the profession, if they continue to be suitable to teach, and if they are complying with any conditions on their registration.

What to expect

A teacher due for renewal is required to pay their annual fee and complete their renewal application through their myQCT account.

The questions on the renewal application will be about:

Teachers who do not renew by their registration expiry date must restore their registration within three months, otherwise they will need to reapply for registration. Read more about this in How to renew.

Fully registered teachers looking for more details can read the Renewal guide.

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