The Queensland College of Teachers is established under an act of the Queensland Parliament, the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005 (PDF, 864KB).

It is also subject to subordinate legislation, the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Regulation 2016 (PDF, 288KB).

The above Act specifies that certain applications, disclosures, and reports submitted to the QCT, and certificates issued by the QCT, must be in the approved form. The QCT has approved the following forms for use under this Act.

Approved forms under the QCT Act

Name of form Relevant section of Act Form no. and version Date version first published
Eligibility application 12E 14 V01 May 2012
Application for teacher registration 14 01A V05 November 2018
Application for permission to teach 14 01C V02 January 2018
Application for renewal of permission to teach 28 01C V02 January 2018
Application for full registration by holder of provisional registration 23 15 V01 (hardcopy) 16 V01 (online) 19 V01 (interstate) June 2013
Application for renewal of full registration 28 03 V03 July 2020
Application for restoration of full registration 37 03 V03 July 2020
Certificate of registration 60 05 V02 October 2014
Certificate of permission to teach 61 06 V01 December 2016
Application to replace a certificate of registration or permission to teach 63 07 V02 June 2017
Disclosure of change in teacher’s criminal history 69 09 V04 July 2020
Request for information from principals about approved teachers teaching at their school (annual census) 79 10 V01 June 2012
Application for internal review of a decision 210 11 V02 September 2019
Application for certification as a Highly Accomplished Teacher or Lead Teacher 67B 18 V02 June 2021
Application for renewal of certification as a Highly Accomplished Teacher or Lead Teacher 67k 21 V01 July 2022


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