Acceptable teaching experience

Teaching experience in schools

To obtain full registration, a provisionally registered teacher must teach satisfactorily in a school or another acceptable setting for one year (defined as 200 days) and meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Proficient Stage) (PDF, 185KB).

Acceptable teaching experience gained after the date on which provisional registration was granted can contribute to the 200 days required. This experience must have been completed no more than five years prior to making an application for full registration.

Acceptable teaching experience includes teaching in a:

  • prescribed school in Queensland
  • recognised school in another Australian state or territory
  • recognised school in New Zealand.

Also acceptable is delivering an education program based on a syllabus or kindergarten guideline approved or accredited by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), for example:

  • the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG)

Provisionally registered teachers teaching these programs must submit Form K for approval.

For more information and a link to Form K see Teaching Experience Setting 1 (PDF, 57KB).

Teaching experience in other settings

Teaching experience in other Queensland-only settings may be acceptable, for example certain teaching experience in a setting:

  • delivering another early childhood program (Setting 2)
  • for example TAFE, universities and other settings delivering a program derived from a dedicated curriculum and endorsed or approved by a recognised authority (Setting 3).

Recognition of such teaching requires an application from the provisionally registered teacher (Form A) and may require an application from the setting/organisation (Form B).

These applications should be made prior to or at commencement of teaching in the setting.

For more information and links to relevant application forms see:

Teaching Experience Setting 2 (PDF, 62KB)

Teaching Experience Setting 3 (PDF, 61KB)

Policy on equivalent experience acceptable for provisionally registered teachers to move to full registration (PDF, 61KB).


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