Transition to full registration

To transition to full registration a provisionally registered teacher must

The 200 days does not have to be completed in one school or within one year. It may include individual days as well as continuous teaching experience.

Eligible teaching experience commences from the date provisional registration was granted.  It must take place in an acceptable setting such as:

  • classroom teaching experience in a recognised school in Australia or New Zealand
  • delivering an education program based on a syllabus or kindergarten guideline approved or accredited by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).

Certain other settings may be acceptable, but you must seek the QCT’s approval when you commence teaching. 

Achieving the Standards

More information on the standards and how they may be achieved

Acceptable teaching experience

Information on the types of teaching experience that are acceptable for full registration. 

Early childhood education and care services

Information for teachers delivering an educational program to children in the year immediately before the preparatory year.


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