Applying to move from provisional to full registration

In order to move to full registration you must apply to the QCT.

The application includes an Assessment against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Assessment) and a Recommendation for Full Registration (Recommendation).

The Assessment and Recommendation must be completed by a Reviewer.

The application form, including the Assessment and Recommendation, is available by logging into your myQCT account. School leaders can also start the process in a school’s myQCT account.

The Reviewer must hold current registration/accreditation in Australia or New Zealand at the proficient level. In schools they must be the Principal, or a person in a leadership position with delegated authority from the Principal. In non-school settings the Reviewer must be approved by the QCT.

The Reviewer’s judgment is based on verified evidence and examples of practice, against each of the Standards, taking into account each descriptor, as well as the assurance that all other requirements have been met (eg. the required amount of teaching experience).

Steps to apply for full registration

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (PDF, 2.0MB) as these form the basis of your assessment for eligibility for full registration.
  2. Tell a Reviewer about your provisionally registered status and interest in moving to full registration.
  3. Participate in all aspects of the induction process offered by the school and actively engage in reflection on practice.
  4. Complete the minimum one year (200 days) of teaching.
  5. Select evidence that demonstrates to the Reviewer your achievement of the Standards. 
  6. When all requirements have been met, apply for full registration.

If you currently rely on supply and contract work it may take longer to complete the process. Suggestions for your situation are available in Strategies for supply teachers wishing to progress to full registration (PDF, 351KB).

For more information on the application process see Applying to move from provisional to full registration quick start guide (PDF, 518KB).

Reviewers and provisionally registered teachers may use a working copy of the Assessment form during mentoring discussions, and for school-based personnel reviewing evidence of practice.

Assessment against the Standards working copy only (PDF, 90KB)


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