Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs

Initial teacher education programs are accredited nationally to ensure that all teachers are prepared to a high standard, and gain the knowledge, skills and experiences to make a positive impact on student learning.

Minimum requirements are set nationally and described through the Accreditation of initial teacher education programs in Australia: Standards and Procedures (AITSL) (PDF, (657KB).

AITSL has developed written guidance material as a companion document to the Standards and Procedures for accreditation of initial teacher education programs - Guidelines for the accreditation of initial teacher education in Australia (PDF, 376KB).

Providers submitting full applications for accreditation are required to complete four (4) templates. The four templates listed below, along with a worked sample of Template 4, can be accessed from AITSL’s accreditation resources page.

  • Template 1- Coversheet- captures program information and declaration
  • Template 2- Program Standards Matrix- captures a map of evidence against the program standards
  • Template 3- Graduate Standards Matrix- captures a map of evidence against the graduate teacher standards
  • Template 4- Plan for Demonstrating Impact- captures evidence against Program Standard 6.2

Accreditation is undertaken by the relevant state authority: the QCT in Queensland.

Additional Queensland requirements need to be recorded using

Programs given approval under the former Queensland system will retain this status until their approval end date and then apply for national accreditation as appropriate.


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