QCT committees

The QCT committees carry out specific functions for the QCT. Committee members include board members and other members of the profession. Each committee is chaired by a member of the board.

QCT committees:

  • the Audit and Risk Committee reviews and oversees the QCT’s financial policies, external and internal auditing, risk management, information, communication and technology (ICT) and compliance with its statutory responsibilities
  • the Eligibility Declarations Committee determines the eligibility of people who have been convicted of a serious offence to apply to become a registered teacher
  • the Internal Review Committee deals with applications for internal review of QCT decisions
  • the Professional Capacity and Teacher Conduct Committee deals with practice and conduct matters concerning teachers
  • the Professional Standards Committee deals with matters in the area of professional standards for teachers, including the accreditation of initial teacher education programs, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Returning to Teaching (RTT)
  • the Registration Committee deals with matters concerning registration of teachers that are not otherwise handled by the Director of the QCT
  • the Suitability to Teach Committee determines the suitability to teach of applicants who have ‘suitability’ matters outside the delegated authority of the QCT office to determine.

The QCT committee charter (PDF, 100KB) outlines committee procedures and guidelines.

The board can also establish working parties or advisory groups for specific projects.


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