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eNews is an email bulletin sent approximately every four to six weeks during the school year to all teachers for whom the QCT holds an up-to-date email address.

The purpose of eNews is to advise teachers of matters concerning their teacher registration and forthcoming events that may be of interest to them, to provide information on professional standards and professional conduct, and to update teachers on QCT activities and recent publications from the QCT.

Latest eNews

Publication Date: July 2021
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June eNews

Publication Date: June 2021
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May eNews

Publication Date: May 2021
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Earlier issues of eNews can be accessed from the Archive page.

Disclaimer: The QCT does not endorse any product or service associated with the ‘content supplied’ or promotional material included in eNews. ‘Content supplied’ is information inserted on behalf of other government agencies, higher education institutions or school sector groups that may be relevant to Queensland teachers. Promotional material is inserted on behalf of our sponsors (Teachers Mutual Bank, TUH Health Fund, Schoolzine and The Courier-Mail). Funding or in-kind support provided by sponsors is used by the QCT to provide professional development opportunities for finalists in the TEACHX Awards or promotion of the teaching profession. The QCT takes no responsibility for ‘content supplied’ and promotional material and the quality and reliability of products and services offered in this material.

Research Digest

The aim of the Research Digest (published 2007 to 2015) is to summarise key research findings on current topical issues in schooling, and draw out their implications for teachers. Each digest focusses on a single topic and provides a review of major messages from the research on the issue. Included are links to useful websites and suggestions for further reading.

Here are the issues explored by the Research Digest:

Big Ideas in Mathematics

Parent-teacher collaboration

Teaching critical thinking

Civics and Citizenship Education

Language in the mathematics classroom

Successful Professional Learning

Talking to learn - Dialogue in the classroom

Successful uses of ICT in schools

Data in schools

Behaviour Management

Writing to learn


Previous QCT periodical publications can be accessed from the Archive page.


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