Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development Framework

The QCT has developed a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy and Framework. This is required under the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005, section 30 (1). The purpose of the CPD Policy and Framework is to recognise the importance of teacher engagement in continuing professional development and to outline the expectations for renewal of registration. The CPD Policy and Framework has regard to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and states the type of CPD required and the minimum amount of CPD a fully registered teacher must undertake. For renewal of registration every five years, fully registered teachers must have undertaken the annual CPD required under the CPD Policy and Framework.

CPD audit

Each year the QCT identifies a random sample of registered teachers and requests that they supply records and/or evidence to establish that they have met their CPD requirements.

The audit is used by the QCT to decide on renewal of registration, including, for example, whether registration will be renewed with a condition.

See the Continuing Professional Development Policy and Framework for additional information.

CPD examples

The following is an indicative not exhaustive list:

  • active contribution to education system initiatives, pilots, trials and projects
  • activities offered by professional development providers such as workshops, seminars, conferences, courses, online learning
  • school-based and/or employer-provided professional development including professional development days
  • syllabus, curriculum and assessment professional development conducted by QCAA or employer
  • training for and development from participation in national and state test marking, QCAA and school-based teacher consistency of judgment procedures
  • preparation for and development resulting from formal presentations to colleagues on classroom practices, research findings or contemporary issues in education
  • leading school-based curriculum and/or policy development
  • preparation for and development through providing collegial professional support for preservice or beginning teachers as part of supervising/mentoring role
  • educational research/action research projects
  • active involvement in approved overseas teacher exchange, encompassing pre-preparation, on-site professional development and subsequent reporting
  • professional reading linked to activities such as research, preparation of articles, presentations to colleagues and professional practice
  • formal study leading to a qualification in education or field related to teaching area.


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