Full registration

Full registration is usually granted on:

  • completion of one year of full time classroom practice or the part-time equivalent
  • successful demonstration of the professional standards  for full registration and
  • completion of a provisional to full recommendation report.

The period of full registration is five years from the day the QCT grants registration. However, if you held provisional registration and then obtained full registration, the full registration period is reduced by the provisional registration period. For example, if you were provisionally registered for two years, your first full registration period would be three years.

At the end of the five-year period, you must renew your registration.

While full registration is renewed every five years, your registration will only remain current if the annual fee is paid for each registration year.

Further information

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (QLD version) (PDF, 1203KB) - booklet comprising introduction and details for all seven standards       

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Proficient career stage) (PDF, 185KB)


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