Approved or accredited teacher education programs

Graduates of initial teacher education programs approved or accredited by the QCT are eligible for provisional registration with the Queensland College of Teachers. Eligibility is also subject to English language requirements where applicable and suitability to teach requirements.

Initial teacher education programs provide the necessary skills, knowledge and experiences for those entering the teaching profession and all applicants must meet the relevant non-academic and academic program entry requirements.

Following is a list of Queensland preservice teacher education programs approved by the QCT for purposes of teacher registration in Queensland. The programs listed below also have national accreditation.

Note: For a full list of nationally accredited programs please refer to AITSL. While these programs have not been approved by the QCT, graduates are still able to apply for teacher registration with the QCT. This includes graduates from other nationally accredited initial teacher education programs offered by ACU and SCU which are not available from their respective Queensland campuses.

Griffith University

Programs accredited in accordance with national standards and procedures


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