Supervising professional experience

The Queensland Professional Experience Reporting Framework

The Queensland Professional Experience Reporting Framework has been developed by representatives of:

  • the Department of Education
  • Independent Schools Queensland
  • the Queensland Catholic Education Commission
  • the Queensland College of Teachers
  • the Queensland Deans of Education Forum

to provide consistency and clarity across state and non-state school sectors by introducing a streamlined and moderated approach to the assessment of professional experience in Queensland.

The Framework comprises the following key tools and resources, available from the Department of Education website:

The QCT has produced a companion document to further support supervising teachers in making evidence-based, consistent decisions and providing constructive feedback about preservice teachers’ demonstration of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers  (Graduate career stage).

Assessing the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers Graduate career stage: Evidence guide for teachers supervising professional experience placements in Queensland schools (PDF, 1.08MB).

Resources for supervising teachers

Other resources available to assist supervising teachers to support and assess preservice teachers during professional experience placements, and to build knowledge and skills in mentoring include:

  • Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) – information about the final year TPA required by all preservice teachers for graduation from Queensland initial teacher education (ITE) courses.


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