Complaints against teachers

Many concerns about a teacher can be resolved by discussing them directly with the teacher and/or with the teacher’s supervisor or employer (for example Education Queensland or another employing authority).

Wherever possible the employer should be given the opportunity to deal with the complaint, which may include a mandatory report from the employer to the QCT about the complaint.

Where it is not possible for the teacher’s employer to resolve the complaint, you may make a complaint to the QCT. The complaint must be in writing and contain details about the allegation/s.

Types of complaints the QCT can deal with

The QCT deals with complaints about:

  • A teacher's conduct
  • A teacher's incompetence
  • Non-compliance with the Act

Download the complaint form (PDF, 65KB)

Types of complaints the QCT does not deal with

The QCT is unable to deal with complaints about:

  • school administrative matters such as
    • assessments of academic grading
    • school policies and their application
  • school management matters such as
    • contractual disputes
  • personal and lawful activities that do not affect the teachers’ Suitability to Teach
  • Family Court matters and protection orders — these should be referred to the police or the Department of Child Safety

Contact us if you are unsure about whether we can deal with your complaint.

Assessing complaints

The QCT assesses all complaints and decides on the most appropriate action including whether we will deal with them. During the assessment process we may seek further information from you or from other sources including:

  • the school
  • the employing authority
  • nominated witnesses

In some cases we may require you to verify the complaint via statutory declaration.

Dealing with the complaint

If the QCT decides to deal with the complaint it will investigate the matter and/or refer the matter to a practice and conduct body.

The person subject of the complaint (the teacher) will be advised about the complaint including particulars of the complaint and the person who made the complaint.

The following principles guide the QCT when dealing with a complaint against a teacher:

  • the welfare and best interests of children
  • privacy and confidentiality shall be afforded to all parties as much as the Act allows
  • procedural fairness and natural justice are key elements throughout the complaint process

The QCT can refuse to deal with a complaint

In particular circumstances the QCT can refuse to deal with a complaint. In these situations the QCT will:

  • Advise the complainant about the decision and grounds on which it refused to deal with complaint; and
  • Keep a record of the complaint and the reasons for refusing to deal with the complaint.


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