Standards and conduct

In addition to requiring registered teachers to meet professional teaching standards, the QCT also requires teachers to meet standards of ethical conduct, especially in their dealings with children. Applicants and teachers who meet standards of ethical behaviour are regarded as ‘suitable to teach’.

The QCT can receive complaints and investigate information it receives about a teacher’s professional conduct or competence. We can take disciplinary action against teachers who fail to uphold relevant standards.

Professional standards

Find out about and download the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Australian Professional Standard for Principals.

Professional conduct

The QCT encourages all teachers in Queensland to abide by the Code of Ethics and to respect professional boundaries.  Find out more and download.


If you are a registered teacher in Queensland you have legal obligations to notify the QCT of certain changes in your situation. You may be prosecuted for failing to tell us, or providing inaccurate information.  Employing authorities and agencies also have reporting obligations under the Act.

Check your responsibilities and find out how best to inform us.

Complaints against teachers

The QCT investigates some complaints against teachers.  Information on complaints the QCT can deal with, and the process for investigating and managing complaints, relevant fact sheets and forms.


Information on compliance and practice and conduct investigations.

Practice and conduct matters

The process and options for teachers if they are subject to a practice and conduct matter.

Reviews and appeals

If you are unhappy with a QCT decision you may apply for it to be reviewed.  You may also appeal a QCAT decision.


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