Returning to Teaching condition

The Returning To Teaching condition explained

Teachers with an RTT condition have declared at five-yearly renewal that they have not taught in an Australian school for 100 days or more in the past five years.

An RTT condition does not imply a reduction in status or credentials as a registered teacher. The purpose of the condition is to ensure that teachers who have had a significant absence from teaching (or irregular contact with schools) have their knowledge and skills brought up to date if they return to the classroom. This helps maintain the integrity of the profession and helps teachers feel more confident as they return.

A teacher with an RTT condition is only required to take action on their RTT condition if they engage in a role as a teacher after their condition was applied.

If they teach after their condition is applied, they are simply required to complete RTT professional development within 12 months after their first day back at teaching. The RTT professional development is available for free in the myQCT accounts for those who have an RTT condition.


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