Blue Card and Exemption Card

If you are a preservice teacher education student you must hold a Blue Card issued by the relevant agency, before you can begin your practical experience in Queensland schools.

If you are a registered teacher in Queensland you do not require a Blue Card or an Exemption Card to teach in a school.

If you are a registered teacher providing other regulated child-related services such as

  • working at an early childcare centre
  • private tutoring
  • volunteering at a local children's sporting club

you should apply to the blue card agency for an Exemption Card.

Fact Sheet issued by Blue Card Services for registered teachers (PDF, 293KB)

There is no fee to apply for an Exemption Card.  Once the blue card agency has received your Exemption Card application, they will liaise with the QCT to confirm the applicant is a registered teacher and whether further employment screening is required.

For further information about the Blue Card system or making an application for an Exemption Card visit the Blue Card website at


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