Eligibility Declarations

An eligibility declaration is for people who have been convicted of a serious offence, who have had their registration cancelled, and who wish to apply for registration or permission to teach. 

Definition and criteria

An eligibility declaration confirms that you are not an excluded person. Excluded persons have had their registration cancelled or are prohibited from teaching by QCAT. They are not able to apply for registration or permission to teach.

If you have been convicted of a serious offence you may apply to the QCT for an eligibility declaration.

You cannot apply for an eligibility declaration if you are subject to an imprisonment order for the serious offence or you are a relevant excluded person.

  • a relevant excluded person means a person who is subject to:
    • offender reporting obligations
    • an offender prohibition order
    • a disqualification order made under the Child Protection (Offender Reporting and Offender Prohibition Order) Act 2004, section 13T
    • a sexual offender order. 

If you apply to the QCT the onus is on you to satisfy the QCT that yours is an exceptional case in which it would not harm the best interests of children to approve your eligibility. Decisions of the Eligibility Declarations Committee may not be appealed but you may re-apply after 2 years.

If the QCT grants an eligibility declaration, then you may submit an application for teacher registration or permission to teach to the QCT.

To enquire about making an eligibility application contact us by email: .


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