Application process steps

Here are the steps to apply for teacher registration and a guide to time frames.

1. Set up your myQCT account

Set up your myQCT account via the button below.

Apply online for teacher registration

Once you have set up your account your username will be emailed to you.

If you have previously applied or held registration in Queensland, you may already have a username and password. If you have forgotten your username and password please go to myQCT.

2. Submit the application form

Log in to myQCT with your username and password, then complete and submit the online Application for teacher registration form.

This application form is for all applicants, including those applying under mutual recognition.

3. Pay the fee

Pay the required fee. It will be calculated for you while you are in your myQCT account and you can pay securely online using a credit card or via BPay. You will also have the option to pay later by Australia Post BillPay or cheque.

Check current fees

4. Prepare the required documents

Documentation varies according to your circumstances. A checklist of your required documents will be emailed to you after you submit your online application form.

All photocopied documents must be certified copies of original documents. Faxed or scanned documents are not accepted.

You are not required to post certified copies of identity documents that have been verified during the online application process.

5. Print and sign the confirmation page

You will receive a confirmation page as an attachment to the email from the QCT after submitting your online application. Print it out and sign it.

6. Mutual recognition applicants only

You will also receive a Mutual Recognition Statutory Declaration as an attachment to the email from the QCT after submitting your online application. Print it and sign it in the presence of a person authorised to do so (e.g. a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations or Solicitor.)

7. Post all documents to the QCT

Your signed confirmation page, statutory declaration/s (if required) and all other certified documents must be posted to the QCT. We will assess your application once we have received all required documentation and fees.

We will contact you by email if we need additional documents or further information.

If you have verified identity documents via the online process, you do not need to post certified copies of those documents.

8. If you are unable to prepare documents as required, due to COVID-19

Should your current circumstances due to COVID-19 be such that you are unable to provide documents in the manner specified on your checklist please contact the QCT to discuss whether alternative options may be available to you.

A short video about the application process

Information about documents required

Refer to the fact sheets on registration for more information and a list of possible documents you will be asked to provide.

Proof of identity guidelines (PDF, 298KB)

Applying for teacher registration fact sheet (PDF, 676KB)

Applying for teacher registration under mutual recognition fact sheet (PDF, 564KB)

How to have a document certified fact sheet (PDF, 52KB)

Online identity document verification

The QCT uses the services of a private identity verification services provider called GBG (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 64 097 737 105 (GBG).

GBG is a gateway service provider for verifying government-issued identity documents. Read GBG's Privacy Policy.

For more information about verifying government-issued identity documents see the Australian Government’s IDMatch website.

If you choose to use the online identity verification service, embedded in online forms in myQCT, you consent to GBG:

  • using the information you provide, to submit information match requests, via the Document Verification Service, to the issuers of the documents being verified;
  • obtaining the information match results from issuers via the Document Verification Service; and
  • informing the QCT whether your documents are verified.

Application process time frames

Queensland preservice teachers

Provided all other eligibility requirements have been met, your application will be finalised shortly after official results are released and your higher education institution has advised the QCT that you are eligible to graduate.

All other applicants

The QCT is committed to processing all applications in an efficient and timely manner. Applications are assessed by QCT staff in the order in which they are received.

The following factors will impact on the time taken to finalise your application:

  • the volume of applications at the time of your submission
  • the completeness of your documentation and information
  • the promptness and accuracy of your fee payment
  • the complexity of your qualification and/or experience assessment
  • any issues about your Suitability to Teach and the seriousness of any matter

As a general guide, applications with Australian qualifications usually take 4 – 6 weeks from when the QCT receives all required documentation.  If you have qualifications from overseas countries please allow up to 12 weeks from when all required documentation is received by the QCT.

(The time frames are usually less if you have previously held teacher registration in Queensland.)

Tracking progress

You can use the QCT’s Application Progress Tracker in your myQCT account to track the progress of your application. Once registered you will receive an email confirming registration.  You can also use the QCT’s Register Search to see if you have been registered.


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