Prescribed qualifications

The qualifications required for teacher registration are successful completion of either -

(a) a four-year initial teacher education program including teacher education studies of at least one year (e.g. a Bachelor of Education, or a double Bachelor degree in Science and Teaching) or

(b) a one-year* graduate initial teacher education program following a degree (e.g. a one-year Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) after a three-year Bachelor degree) or

(c) another course of teacher education that the QCT is reasonably satisfied is the equivalent of (a) or (b). These are considered on a case-by-case basis.

* Students enrolled in nationally accredited graduate entry initial teacher education programs in Australia must meet the national requirements of a two year program (e.g. Master of Teaching, following a three-year undergraduate non-education Bachelor degree).

Qualification elements

To satisfy the regulatory requirements, a qualification must:

  • be a course of initial teacher education
  • involve higher education study of at least four years full-time equivalent (FTE) academic study
  • include professional studies in teacher education of at least one year of FTE academic study
  • include supervised teaching experience
  • include discipline studies appropriate to the teaching area/s.


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