Professional conduct for renewal

What is suitability to teach?

The QCT must be satisfied that a teacher is suitable to teach.

Assessing suitability to teach includes considering a number of factors, including:

  • criminal history and expanded criminal history (spent charges and convictions) in Australia and overseas
  • the reason for any refusal of registration*
  • cessation of employment* - whether employment was ended for reasons relating to competency, suitability to teach or professional conduct issues
  • if registration has been affected (for example, by the imposition of a condition, suspension or cancellation), the reason for this*
  • any investigation and/or disciplinary proceedings into any matter including misconduct, competency, or fitness to be a teacher*
  • suitability to work in a child-related field
  • any other matter the QCT considers relevant.

*in Queensland, interstate or overseas

A person is not suitable to teach if the person behaves in a way that:

  • does not satisfy a standard of behaviour generally expected of a teacher; and
  • shows the person is unfit to be granted registration.

What is its purpose?

Assessing a teacher’s suitability to teach helps ensure the conduct and behaviour of registered teachers are of a standard acceptable for the teaching profession.

This contributes towards the protection of children in Queensland schools.

What to expect

The renewal application asks teachers for details of:

  • any criminal history charges or offences anywhere in the preceding five years
  • any employment as a teacher that was ended by an employer for issues of competency or professional conduct in the preceding five years
  • any registration as a teacher outside of Queensland that has been refused or affected in the preceding five years.

A new screening will also be conducted with the Queensland Police Service, or Queensland Blue Card Services if the teacher holds a current blue card.

Fully registered teachers looking for more details can read the Renewal guide.

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