Professional development for renewal

What is it?

Fully registered teachers are required to complete 20 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) in any year they teach 20 days or more in an Australian school.

In any calendar year they taught less than 20 days, their CPD requirement is ‘Nil’.

Days of teaching per year CPD requirements per year
20 days and above At least 20 hours
Under 20 days Nil CPD

What is its purpose?

The CPD requirement ensures that Queensland teachers maintain a high standard, with contemporary knowledge and skills.

What to expect

The renewal application will ask teachers about their CPD through the following question:

Have you met (or are you on track to meet) your CPD requirements for each year of your registration period?

Examples of what can be considered CPD activities are in the CPD Policy and Framework.


If you cannot declare that you have completed the required CPD you must provide information about the amount of teaching and CPD you have undertaken each year and give reasons as to why you did not complete the required CPD.

Fully registered teachers looking for more details can read the Renewal guide.

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