Renewal of registration

The QCT will advise you at the end of your five year registration that you are due to renew.

To renew your registration you must lodge your Renewal Application Form and pay the annual fee before your registration end date. You can access the form through your myQCT Account when you are due to renew.

Renewal process

 Do you need to renew your registration?

Recency of practice

When renewing your registration you must declare whether you have practised as a teacher for at least 100 days in the past five years.

Professional conduct

The QCT must be satisfied that you are suitable to teach before your renewal is approved.

Professional development

Fully registered teachers must meet the required continuing professional development.

Returning to teaching

If you do not have recency of practice your full registration may be renewed subject to a returning to teaching condition.

Renewal Toolbox

Information to help principals and teachers.


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