Renewal process

Do I need to renew?

Find out if your renewal of registration is due

Teachers with full registration need to renew their registration every five years. To find out when you will need to renew your teacher registration you perform a Register Search, or check the details on your certificate of registration.  Look for your renewal date or registration end date. This is when your registration finishes.

Register of Teachers

Register search will be able to provide you with your registration renewal date.

Enter and search the register using either your name or your registration number.

Your registration renewal date appears in the column after your annual fee due date.

Certificate of registration

Your registration renewal date is recorded against ’period of registration’ on your certificate of registration. You must pay an annual fee by the due date listed on certificate to maintain this period of registration.

Online renewal application forms

You must submit an application for renewal form online accessed via your myQCT account.

This form is available near the end of your five year period of full registration. The online form includes all the declaration questions relevant to your circumstances. You can pay your fee online at the end of completing your online form. Your form is then submitted online - there is no need to print it out or mail it to the QCT.

For further information on how to complete the renewal process please read the Renewal guide (PDF, 2507KB).

Professional Conduct Declaration Form

If you decide to mail a paper form rather than submitting an online form you will need to complete a Professional Conduct Declaration Form if you answer YES to a question about your professional conduct in Section 4 on the Renewal Application Form.

Returning to Teaching Declaration Form

Renewing teachers with a Returning to teaching (RTT) condition need to complete some additional questions. These are displayed in the online form.

Application for restoration

To apply for restoration of your teacher registration, within three months immediately after your registration end date, you must use the same form/s as you would for renewal and pay the appropriate fees (including the restoration fee).

Continued registration

When the QCT has received your application for renewal or restoration (that is, form/s plus fee/s) your teacher registration will continue past your registration end date until your application is decided.

The Register of Teachers will be updated to show your registration status as 'full continued'. You and your employer can access this register by a Register Search and use the teacher registration information as evidence of your continued registration until a decision is made on your registration and you receive an approval notice and certificate of registration.


Renewal fee

The fee for applying for five-yearly renewal of teacher registration is the annual fee. When you are due to renew your registration you will receive an annual fee notice that identifies your annual fee.

Restoration fee

There is no late fee applicable at the end of your five year period of full registration. If you miss paying your annual fee by your registration end date then the fee that applies is a “restoration fee”. The restoration period is for the three months immediately following your registration end date. You must pay the annual fee PLUS the restoration fee (as well as ensuring you have submitted your Renewal Application Form) should you wish to renew your registration during this time.

If you do not renew or restore your registration your registration will end and should you wish to teach in Queensland you will need to re-apply for registration.

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