Your RTT condition checkup

If you are a principal, deputy principal or head of department/curriculum of an Australian school, you may need to have your Returning to Teaching (RTT) condition reviewed.


An RTT condition is applied to a teacher’s registration on five-yearly renewal when they have declared they have not met recency of practice (teaching for 100 days in Australian schools) in a previous five-year renewal period.

Principals, deputy principals or heads of department/curriculum who are providing substantial leadership to an educational program are included in the definition of a teacher for recency of practice purposes.

Therefore, if you have been active in this role for more than 100 days in that five-year renewal period, you have actually met recency of practice and an RTT condition should not have been applied to your registration.

How do I rectify this?

  1. Obtain a Statement of Service from your employer for the period of your five-year renewal period that you declared you did not meet recency of practice. (If you are unsure when this period is, please email the QCT at or call (07) 3377 4777.)
  2. Apply to review your RTT condition through your myQCT account, under Applications.
    Select Recency of practice question was answered incorrectly in previous renewal application(s) in the online form.
  3. Email the Statement of Service to: .

By when?

Please do this as soon as possible so we can review your condition.