2023 Photo Competition — Winners

Congratulations to the winning entrants in this year’s Photo Competition!

Their photographs celebrate the outstanding diversity of teaching all over Queensland.

Our judges selected the winning images based on their relevance to this year’s theme (‘My Teacher Life: Capturing the diversity of everyday teaching moments), their creativity, and their overall impact.

Thank you to all teachers who participated in this year’s competition.

View the winning and runner up images below.

First Prize

1st prize - Clifton State High School

Photo Title: Circle work

Description: Clifton State High School has its own Stockman’s Challenge Club which consists of a group of riders from Year 7 through to Year 11. We ride regularly and train for competitions which we compete in as a group. Both last year and this year we took out a lot of age categories and were very successful in the Aldridge State High School Equestrian Challenge, which is a 10 hour round trip for us and our horses. It’s held over two days in the last week of Term 2 in June.

School: Clifton State High School

Photographer: Gemma Thorpe

Second Prize

2nd prize - St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School

Photo Title: Reflecting the Year 12 Art Journey

Description: Trying to reach IA3 deadlines, Year 12 Visual Art student Jennifer Theile asked for advice on her appropriated artwork based on Picasso’s ‘Girl in the Mirror’. As a boarder at the college, she needed to utilise after school time, as taking the work back to boarding was not possible. The artwork was entered into EQ’s Creative Generations Excellence in Visual Art awards. Jennifer’s artwork was selected in the top 100 artworks (459 entries), receiving a Commendation Award.

School: St Monica’s College, Cairns

Photographer: Jacquie Lester

Third Prize

3rd prize - Coomera Anglican College

Photo Title: Book Week Excitement

Description: Year 6 teacher Mark Hoppe leads the way in the Book Week parade.

School: Coomera Anglican College

Photographer: Tayla Goody

Runners up

Runner up - St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School

Photo Title: Student Engagement

Description: Working one-on-one with a student to work on her reading.

School: St Margaret’s Anglican School, Ascot

Photographer: Mitch Hollywood

Runner up - Woree State School

Photo Title: Embracing culture

Description: At Woree State School we embrace cultural identities including during our NAIDOC celebrations and throughout the year. Our teacher, Tazma Marris-Whiteley, is pictured with a student who is skilfully dot painting her face. This beautiful exchange of culture and art exemplifies the spirit and celebration of cultural recognition and pride.

School: Woree State School

Photographer: Cheryl McAlonan

Runner up - St Laurence’s College

Photo Title: Teacher singing and students

Description: Singing with the students.

School: St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane

Photographer: Lachie Prince

Runner up - Freshwater Christian College

Photo Title: Book Week Celebrations

Description: Our wonderful Kindy teachers inspired our young learners by joining in the fun at our whole school book week parade. This photo captures the enthusiasm and fun that our teachers bring to each learning experience.

School: Freshwater Christian College, Brinsmead

Photographer: Claire Scott

Runner up - Norris Road State School

Photo Title: Connecting with Diverse Learners

Description: Forming a connection is so important in modern diverse teaching and Narelle Ramey, our HIC teacher, is the master at connection. In this photo, she is connecting with a student and developing their exploration of colour sorting.

School: Norris Road State School, Bracken Ridge

Photographer: Sue Leigh

Runner up - St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School

Photo Title: Nurturing School Spirit in Vibrant Hues

Description: In this wonderful snapshot of a Queensland classroom, a dedicated teacher, dressed in vibrant blue, stands at the forefront of an inspiring lesson on school spirit. Her students, all donned in vibrant green, reflect the kaleidoscope of diversity that defines the teaching profession in Queensland. This scene encapsulates the high standards of teaching, as it underscores the importance of fostering school spirit and unity among students while celebrating the rich tapestry of educators.

School: St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School, Cornubia

Photographer: Amanda Frederickson-Munro

Runner up - St John’s Anglican College

Photo Title: Battle of the Bridges Competition

Description: Teacher Aide, Mr Denis St-George, supporting a St John’s Year 9 student during the weigh in of the annual bridge building competition.

School: St John’s Anglican College, Forest Lake

Photographer: Dan Hayward

Runner up - Corinda State High School

Photo Title: Buzzing with potential

Description: Agriculture teacher, Chris Butcher, inspires all students with his passion and knowledge about creatures big and small on our Smart Farm.

School: Corinda State High School

Photographer: Alyce Valentine-Berrett

Runner up - Holy Spirit College

Photo Title: Music Education

Description: The diversity in this teaching moment with Christopher McKenna lies in its ability to address various aspects of the individual’s well-being, combining music education with the outdoors. He approaches teaching with empathy, flexibility, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of each student. Our students are unique, and a personalised trauma-informed approach is crucial for fostering engagement and healing through music education.

School: Holy Spirit College, Manoora

Photographer: Lavina Niblett

Runner up - Compass Independent School

Photo Title: Building an Aqueduct!

Description: My teacher life involves inspiring learning, and here I put out a simple provocation - modelling clay, a catalyst for this group of students to build their very own aqueduct. My role is to facilitate learning and here you can see me working alongside children to help build the aqueduct and join in the process of collaboration. The aqueduct was a hit and ended up carrying water successfully.

School: Compass Independent School, Kelvin Grove

Photographer: Alicia Gilbert


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