Friday 10 May 2024

QCT Board Elections

QCT Board Election 2024

Have your say: Vote now

Have your say on who you want to be represented by on the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) Board.

Voting in the QCT Board Election 2024 is open from Friday 10 May to Friday 7 June 2024.

All registered teachers have been emailed instructions how to vote online. The election is managed on behalf of the QCT by CorpVote, an independent specialist election management company.

Three practising teachers must be elected for a new term of appointment commencing in January 2025.

Two of the new board members must be from the State school sector and one from the non-State school sector.

In March-April 2024, we received 41 nominations for the three positions available. Registered teachers can view candidate profiles here or via the email sent to them with instructions how to vote.

What does a QCT Board member do?

The Board is made up 15 members, most of whom are registered teachers.

Board members form a vital link between practising teachers, members of the teaching profession and the wider public.

As the governing body of the QCT, the Board decides its strategic direction and policies, as well as controls the affairs and exercises the powers of the QCT.

Board members are expected to:

  • attend eight meetings and two professional development sessions a year
  • serve on the QCT committees that uphold quality standards for the profession
  • contribute to judging for the annual TEACHX Awards.

Read more about the role of a QCT Board member here.

Nominee eligibility

To be eligible for nomination to the QCT Board, nominees had to be:

  • a practising teacher (i.e., a registered teacher on the educational staff of a Queensland State or non-State school – supply teachers and those with permission to teach are not eligible)
  • on the QCT register of teachers as of 8 March 2024
  • nominated by six other registered teachers who are also on the register as of 8 March 2024.

Nominations for the QCT Board Election 2024 closed Friday 5 April 2024 at 4pm. We thank all teachers for their nominations

Hear from the QCT Board Chair about what the job entails

QCT Board Chair Wendy Patton speaks about the role of the Board and what elected teacher representatives do.

For more information about the QCT election of practising teachers contact the QCT on 3377 4777 or email


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