Internship authorisation

An application for internship authorisation form must be completed by the Higher Education Institution (HEI) and submitted to the QCT for approval before the internship begins.  Please note:

  • internship authorisation must be obtained from the QCT before any preservice teacher commences an Internship. Preservice teachers are unable to perform the roles and responsibilities of an intern until the approval is granted.
  • only Queensland HEIs with approved internship programs may apply
  • the person designated as the institution representative on the application for internship authorisation form must be an academic staff member who has the authority to certify that the stated conditions have been met
  • the authorisation is valid only for the period of internship. It is not teacher registration. Preservice teachers should be advised that they must apply for teacher registration in the usual way after they have completed their teacher education program.

Internship authorisations are subject to the following conditions:

  • that the Institution attests to each preservice teacher's fitness to undertake an internship with the support of a mentor teacher, i.e. that each preservice teacher is of good character and has successfully completed the necessary prior academic studies and practical experience of the approved preservice teacher education program
  • that each preservice teacher will teach in specified year level(s) or subject area(s) only
  • that the teachers whose classes are allocated to preservice teachers will retain responsibility for the oversight and management of their classes' curriculum and assessment programs
  • that the teaching program planned and implemented by each preservice teacher will be normally limited to an average of a half teaching load over the internship; and
  • that suitable arrangements have been made by the school principal and the Institution adviser for supporting and mentoring the work of each preservice teacher.


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