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Please note, Apple have recently announced the discontinuation of the iTunes U platform at the end of 2021. If you intend to use the templates within this timeframe all functionality will continue to be available for you to create and share evidence of practice. The QCT is currently in the process of creating new templates that can be used with other applications; however, these are still in development. If you would like to proceed with the current iTunes U template, or if you have any questions, please send your request to

Further information about the discontinuation of iTunes U is available on the Apple website at

Digital portfolios are a powerful tool that enable both preservice teachers and registered teachers to document professional growth over time and to show how they meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

A digital portfolio can host authentic evidence of knowledge and practice through a collection of carefully selected or composed professional experiences and thoughts threaded with reflection, evidence and self assessment. The evidence may include images, documents, annotations, videos and multimedia.

QCT Templates

The Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) have created Digital portfolio templates that are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). These can be used by preservice teachers and registered teachers to evidence their learning and development at all career bands.

The templates have been created using the iTunes U application. A trial undertaken by QCT in 2015 established this platform as a viable solution to enable anyone, anywhere, anytime to create and easily share a digital portfolio. This application has a unique feature of a discussion tool that allows for synchronous feedback, also assisting in capturing the collaborative and collegial dimensions of teachers’ work.

Users can easily upload their evidence pieces according to the Standard and descriptor that it best aligns. Video footage can be embedded and annotations can provide context about such things as lesson content, student engagement and pedagogy. Portfolios can be shared with others, including mentors, supervising teachers or university staff.

To access the templates please refer to the User Guides.


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