QCT 2021 Board Election

Notice of Election:
Call for practising teacher nominations for the QCT Board

Are you interested in representing practising teachers on the profession’s governing board? Are you keen to influence decisions affecting the teaching profession in Queensland? Consider nominating for the Board of the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT).

The current term of appointment of the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) Board concludes at the end of 2021, which means three practising teachers must be elected before then for a new term of appointment commencing in January 2022. Of the three elected practising teachers, two must be from the State school sector and one from the non-State school sector.

Nominations for the three positions are open from 5 March to 26 March 2021. The election will take place from 21 May to 11 June 2021 (Election Day). Nomination and voting will be online.

The election will be managed on behalf of the QCT by GoVote, an independent specialist election management company.

What is the role of a QCT Board member?

A QCT Board member works with other Board members to ensure the QCT’s strategic direction is consistent with its legislative requirements to uphold the standards of the teaching profession, maintain public confidence in the teaching profession, and protect the public by ensuring education in schools is provided in a professional and competent way by approved teachers.

The Board normally holds eight to ten half-day meetings a year. Members are expected to also serve on the QCT committees which assist the Board to carry out its functions.

All Queensland practising teachers are encouraged to consider whether they have the capabilities and commitment to be an effective QCT Board member. Interested teachers should read the Information for Prospective Board Members on the QCT website before submitting a nomination.

Who is eligible to nominate?

To stand as a candidate in the election, you must:

  • be a practising teacher (i.e., a registered teacher on the educational staff of a Queensland State or non-State school – supply teachers and those with permission to teach are not eligible)
  • be on the QCT register of teachers as of 5 March 2021
  • be nominated by at least six other registered teachers who are also on the register as of 5 March 2021

Nominees will also be subject to a criminal history check.

How to nominate

Nomination will be online and will be open from Friday 5 March until 4:00 pm on Friday 26 March 2021. All nominations must be received by GoVote by this time or they will not be accepted.

You must nominate as either a State schools candidate or a non-State schools candidate, depending on which sector you are employed in.

You may provide a candidate statement for use in the election. The statement may be either in writing OR as an audio or video recording.

The statement must include the following information:

  • your academic qualifications
  • your professional position
  • your professional address

Your statement may also include other information you consider relevant to your candidacy. This information should not exceed 100 words if written or 1 minute if in an audio/video recording.

The above requirements for the length and content of statements will be strictly enforced.

Compliant statements will be made available to voters on the online voting platform.

You may also submit a head-and-shoulders photograph of yourself. Photos deemed inappropriate will not be accepted.

If you wish to nominate, please send an email to the Returning Officer for the election at GoVote: nominations@govote.com.au, who will provide you with instructions for submitting your nomination online.

For more information about the QCT election of practising teachers contact the QCT on 3377 4777 or email enquiries@qct.edu.au .