Applying for registration

Not sure of the application process? You can apply online by creating a myQCT account and following the prompts. You will be advised of the documents you need to send to the QCT.


myQCT is a secure online portal where you can renew your registration, download receipts, pay annual fees, record your CPD, access professional development resources and more.

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Accepted qualifications

Check which types of qualifications are required for teacher registration with the QCT.

Approved teacher education programs

If you are thinking of enrolling in an initial teacher education program, you should be aware that the QCT does not accept all qualifications for teacher registration. Check which courses and providers are approved by the QCT.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers comprise seven Standards describing what teachers should know and be able to do. They are interconnected, interdependent and reflect the complex role of teaching. The Standards are grouped into the domains of professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement.
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Mutual recognition

If you are currently registered in another Australian state or territory or in New Zealand, you are able to apply for teacher registration in Queensland under mutual recognition.

Registration fees

Fees are payable on application. There is also an annual fee to maintain your registration.

Code of Ethics

The QCT has developed a Code of Ethics for Teachers in Queensland which outlines the professional conduct and behaviour required of approved teachers in Queensland. It describes six values which underpin the profession.

Social media

The QCT is active on Facebook. Come and join the conversation on issues affecting teachers in Queensland

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QCT regularly videos teachers in schools as part of its professional development resources. In our latest series, watch beginning teachers in action as they bring to life the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. You can volunteer to participate, and share your story on video with the support of Filmpond and the QCT. Watch current Filmpond clips.