5 Oct 2023

Melissa Kempson

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching

Melissa Kempson

Kingaroy State High School teacher Melissa Kempson has made a considerable impact on student behaviours over her 30 years teaching in regional schools. Taking on various leadership roles over this time, her long career spans the Central Queensland and Darling Downs regions where she has also taught at Redbank Plains, Nanango, Barcaldine, and Kumbia state schools.

At Kingaroy, Melissa’s collaborative teamwork as Year 9 coordinator has led to a substantial reduction of problem behaviours in the cohort over the last few years, including both daily incidents and minor behaviours. Notably, the number of at-risk Tier 3 students requiring intensive behaviour support has significantly decreased. This is put down to Melissa’s ability to follow-up with student behaviours and support services that can be offered in the school.

Her work has also included upskilling in classroom profiling, which embodies her passion for ongoing growth and improvement. As a vital member of her school’s Positive Behaviour for Learning team, Melissa holds team members support and provides valuable ideas to support students’ behaviour, attendance, and academic journeys. She also coordinates a School to Work program that allows select Year 10 students to complete a TAFE course and work experience, leading to successful transitions to full time work if they choose.

Melissa’s teaching is inspired by the quote: “Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
It is this attitude that underpins her caring teaching style and her belief that engaged students will give learning their best shot. Melissa says she wished she had known earlier in her career that delivering content came second to developing relationships with students.

“Melissa continues to drive those around her to do the best they can for the improvement of the students.”