5 Oct 2023

Amanda Bopf

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching

Amanda Bopf

Since 1985, Amanda Bopf has exuded the qualities of outstanding teaching at Mount Alvernia College in Brisbane’s inner north. She has been described as a lifelong teacher who lives out the College’s values of service, courage, joy, and respect and has had a significant impact on her fellow teachers.

Amanda has provided leadership, inspiration, encouragement and assistance to others while excelling in classroom practice across many subjects, including Humanities, English and Religious Education. Now Head of Faculty – Humanities and Commerce, she has taken on teaching, pastoral and academic leadership roles over her years of service.

She has also made a significant contribution to the teaching profession in multiple roles with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, including as Principal Education Officer (Humanities and Social Science) in 2016-17 and later as Chief Endorser – Ancient History, and Lead Marker External Exams for Study of Religion. She has acted in various roles for the Queensland Studies Authority, including as North Brisbane District Panel Chair - Ancient History for seven years. Taking on these roles, she has demonstrated her abilitiy to be at the cutting edge of syllabus and curriculum reform and development.

As a lifelong learner, Amanda has brought her exemplary practice and passion to curating units of study that give students opportunities to make connections between the past and present and make sense of their world by studying the past. Outside the classroom, she has produced or directed 13 Mount Alvernia and Padua school musicals over the past 20 years.

And while her contributions to the profession are broad, Amanda says it’s the students who are the best thing about being a teacher: connecting with them, witnessing ‘light bulb’ moments, and sharing knowledge is what gets her up in the morning and keeps her young.

In her nomination, colleagues wrote:

“Amanda has shown a strong commitment to supporting a confident future for all students through her understanding of the importance of the role of Humanities and Business subjects play in promoting a confident future.”