5 Oct 2023

Allison Elcoate

Excellent Leadership in Teaching and Learning

Allison Elcoate

Allison Elcoate’s leadership at Trinity College, Beenleigh has seen both staff and students empowered to create a community where excellence and constant growth are highly valued.

The 2023 TEACHX Award recipient has led the school community through a re-vamp of the teaching framework after identifying the need for a more student-centred approach to learning, redefining teaching practices in line with best educational practices.

“It has seen an improvement in all facets of our College and in driving further innovation to improve student outcomes,” she said.

School spaces have also been revitalised, with the creation of collaborative spaces and adaptable learning environments that promote teamwork, group projects, and multidisciplinary projects to promote critical thinking and creativity within the student body.

“This same sense of purpose continues to drive me today. I feel that schools are a liberating place for students and teachers to be academically and pastorally nourished and to flourish.”

Acknowledging the role of community in schools, Allison’s leadership has extended to building a strong tri-partnership between students, families, and the school community, actively seeking appropriate input and involvement in the school decision making process. Through regular communications channels, parent workshops, and community events, Allison has forged a strong culture of collaboration and shared responsibility for student success.

Through regular communications channels, parent workshops, and community events, Allison has forged a strong sense of belonging and shared responsibility for student success.

“Conversation is the sign of a good day and being able to genuinely engage in meaningful conversation about content, skills and practice where both parties leave knowing they have been heard and perhaps even think a little differently,” she said.

Allison’s dedication to the College’s staff has seen the establishment of a professional Development plan, providing a variety of opportunities to advance their knowledge and abilities through a range of seminars, conventions, and group meetings, as well as continued coaching and mentoring.

“It is in these moments that you become a better and more authentic educator,” she said.

Allison’s work has been instrumental in creating a positive and inclusive school culture where students and staff alike feel respected, involved, and supported to achieve at the highest levels.