5 Oct 2023

Anthony Brieschke

Innovation in Teaching

Anthony Brieschke

Student Services at Beaudesert State High School have a go-to method for re-engaging students into the classroom – they will call upon 2023 Innovation in Teaching TEACHX recipient Anthony Brieschke.

By setting students with a task with animals, machinery, or plants, Anthony will find a way to see past any negative behaviours and connect with the student for conversation. This often allows students to find their own solution, changing their own outcomes.

Anthony was drawn to the profession after being inspired by his experience working in the TAFE sector.

“I was working as a tradesman and observed the enjoyment teaching staff had with their classes and realized that’s what I wanted to do, ” he said.

Anthony works tirelessly to ensure students are provided with as many career pathways as possible. His passion, business experience, and knowledge has created an exciting new challenge for the school’s Industry Liaison Officer – everyone wants to become a welder!

While many students have been placed in career and training opportunities, BSHS is now looking to connect with a number of industry bodies to deliver more opportunities further afield, including University and apprenticeship programs.

School data showed that 50% of the students entering the Agriculture program had never passed a written exam. Many of these students having a clear & very specific idea about what they wanted to do as a career were challenged by the understanding that they wouldn’t have the required math or English marks to achieve their goal.

And this is when Anthony’s unique ability to connection with students & his simplistic approach has resulted in a comprehensive shift in these results!

Anthony works heavily on mindset changes at the beginning of each semester. There is no talk of pass or fail. Instead, the discussion focusses on how the class as a group & as individuals work towards getting an A or B result. This again is repeated & reinforced in each lesson. This creates a strong sense of belonging for students.

The outcome of this approach saw a 2022 class achievement of 71% obtaining A-Bs in a written exam.

Put simply, Anthony quotes Dr Rita Pierson:

“Every student deserves that champion adult in their life.”