5 Oct 2023

Rebecca Samios

Excellence in Teaching

Rebecca Samios

Rebecca ‘Bec’ Samios’ passion for Early Years education has inspired her colleagues at Barkly Highway State School to embark on their own Age Appropriate Pedagogy (AAP) journeys, hosting educators from the wider community and sharing her expertise in creating learning spaces that accommodate different learning styles to empower every student to succeed.

Her ‘Maths Day’ fast became a student favourite, with one such day based around saving their principal who ‘went missing’ and could only be saved through the student’s mathematics skills. Subsequent days have morphed into a cross-curricular day of learning with themes of board games, Around the World, and Pirates.

“The chance to exercise creativity, witness progress, build meaningful relationships, and engage in lifelong learning is what makes teaching an incredibly fulfilling career choice”, she said.

In response to regional cultural priorities, Bec collaborated with her students, local Aboriginal Elders, and other community leaders to begin co-designing a Bush Tucker Garden, an outdoor learning space that aims to not only enhance First Nations’ students but educate students about diversity and respect for different cultures.

“Students gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from and the importance of sustainable farming practices. We are proud to grow a variety of delicious and nutritious produce, with our farm-to-table initiative aiming to promote healthy eating habits.”

Bec says that there is no greater joy than seeing student’s progress through their educational journeys,

“From witnessing that “aha” moment to celebrating their achievements, having a front-row seat to witness the growth and success of students gets me through the classroom door each day!”