5 Oct 2023

Elizabeth McNulty

Beginning to Teach

Elizabeth McNulty

Just two short years in the classroom, Elizabeth McNulty’s contributions to her Bellbird State Secondary College community have seen her named as an Excellence in Beginning to Teach recipient at the 2023 TEACHX Awards.

Working as a teacher’s aide developed Elizabeth’s understanding of students with diverse needs and encouraged her classroom confidence. In her first year of teaching, Elizabeth took on the challenge of leading the Year 7 maths curriculum planning for the school, leading a team of 14 other Year 7 maths teachers through the case management of diverse students, explicit teaching and strategies.

This work saw Liz named as one of The Educator magazine’s Best Educators in Australia Under 35, and a Rising Star in 2023.

In addition to her classroom responsibilities, Elizabeth has adopted the role of further supporting students with complex behaviours as Case Manager. The responsibilities include the development of personal learning programs, supporting their teachers implement effective learning strategies.

When looking to her future, while she loves the classroom, Elizabeth strives to help a team to grow their capacity within the classroom. Elizabeth achieved a shadow Head of Department position which resulted in her acting in the role for a short period.

While she facilitates learning through linking real world contexts with mathematical concepts, Elizabeth draws immense satisfaction and joy from witnessing students openly expressing their passions for learning as it reaffirms the profound impact of effective teaching.

“When you create real connections with students; watching them develop and become successful young adults,” she said.

These connections foster a positive and inclusive classroom where students feel safe, valued, and empowered to learn with Elizabeth’s infectious passion for maths and genuine love of teaching.

“Your resources don't need to be 'state of the art'. Students need understanding and support - and if they learn some mathematics along the way, that’s great too.”

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