5 Oct 2023

Amy Bentley

Beginning to Teach

Amy Bentley

In her short time at Beaudesert State High School, Amy Bentley has hit the ground running in the agricultural space and her students are all the better for it.

As a tutor in the equine unit at the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus, Amy saw an opportunity to impact students during visits.

“I always enjoyed the student's questions and excitement when experiencing unique opportunities to engage with animals and agriculture. From here, I knew exactly what profession that I wanted to pursue and have loved every minute of it since.”

In addition to teaching, the 2023 Excellence in Beginning to Teach recipient is a professional horse rider and it is said by her colleagues that her ability to be firm and guide the animal is reflected in her teaching style. While brooking no nonsense for the sake of animal care, Amy is able to help students develop a sense of accomplishment and outward focus on the world.

Through creating connections between students and the animals, Amy demonstrates the physical and emotional needs we all have by assisting students in identifying their own feelings and needs.

Despite limited experience in exhibitng cattle, Amy volunteered as a supervisor for BSHS’s show team, attending local shows on weekends. This presented a fantastic opportunity to connect with her students outside the classroom, requiring her to be committed and prepared for anything whether it be driving the truck or helping a nervous student prepare their 200-kilogram steer for showing.

“ For me, a great day in the classroom is watching students foster strong problem-solving relationships with each other while either working with a flock of lambs or working to move and perform husbandry procedures on the school cattle. This is where I truly see curiosity shine.”

Amy gets the best out of all her students by encouraging them to first look for the best in an animal and mirror that in themselves.

“ The best thing for me about being a teacher is making strong working relationships with the students within my classes. From having students who have a strong dislike for the traditional routines set within a classroom, to providing an environment where students are excited to attend every single lesson with their resources ready to go, ” she said.

“ When someone asks why anyone would ever become a teacher, remind them why it is worth it. Every job has its ups and downs, but not every job can change a life. ”

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