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Queensland College of Teachers

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Applicant’s suitability to teach

The QCT must assess the suitability to teach of an applicant for registration or permission to teach by considering:

  • police information including criminal history received from the Commissioner of Police
  • information about interstate convictions and charges from interstate Commissioners of Police
  • information received from the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Chief Executive for Corrective Services
  • declarations of information from the applicant
  • any conviction of the person of an offence against a corresponding law of a foreign country
  • if the person has been refused registration as a teacher by an interstate regulatory authority or an overseas regulatory authority – the reason for the refusal
  • if the person has been employed by an employing authority, and the employment was ended for a reason relating to the person’s competency or suitability to teach – the reason for the ending of the person’s employment
  • if a person has been registered under the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005 or a former Act or is, or has been, registered under a corresponding law and the registration was affected - the way in which the person’s registration was affected and the reasons for the decision

The QCT may require information from the applicant by statutory declaration PDF document to decide the application and an applicant's failure to meet this requirement can lead to the deemed withdrawal of an application.

Before using information to decide an applicant's suitability to teach the QCT must disclose the information to the applicant.

The authority to determine an applicant's suitability to teach rests with the Director and the Suitability to Teach Committee.

A person is not suitable to teach if the person:

  • has a conviction for a serious offence unless the QCT is satisfied it is an exceptional case in which it would not harm the best interests of children for the person to teach;
  • behaves in a way that does not satisfy a standard of behaviour generally expected of a teacher; or
  • otherwise behaves in a disgraceful or improper way that shows the person is unfit to be granted registration or permission to teach.

Should the QCT refuse a person registration or permission to teach on the basis that they are not suitable to teach the person may seek a review of the decision by making an application for review to the Internal Review Committee.