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Application for Review

An application for review must be made to the Internal Review Committee within 28 days after the person or entity is given the information notice about the decision or where an information notice is not given about the decision, within 28 days after the person or entity becomes aware of the decision. 

A person may apply to the QCT for an extension of time for applying for a review by written application to the QCT.  An application for review must be made to the appropriate review committee using the application for internal review of a decision form PDF document.  The application must state fully the grounds of the application.

The review committee must conduct the review on –

The review committee must give the applicant a reasonable opportunity to make oral or written submissions to the committee.

After reviewing the original decision, the review committee must make a recommendation to the QCT Board about whether it should confirm the original decision; or amend the original decision; or substitute another decision for the original decision.

After considering the review committee’s recommendation, the QCT Board must make a further decision (a review decision) to do any of the following—

  • confirm the original decision;
  • amend the original decision;
  • substitute another decision for the original decision

The QCT Board must, as soon as practicable, give the applicant notice of the review decision.  If the QCT Board does not give the review notice within 60 days after the application for review is made, the QCT Board is taken to have made a review decision confirming the original decision.

A person may appeal to QCAT against the QCT Board’s review decision.